Court Garden

Court Garden
Schleißheim’s three palaces are embedded in a baroque garden complex which is itself structured and characterized by an extensive system of canals connecting to the rivers Amper, Isar and Würm.

The canals were not only a means of garden architecture and of irrigation for the beeds, though. They were also used for the transportation of construction materials. Not least, the canals’ waterways provided the court society with the opportunity to undertake leisure boating trips.

In front of the New Palace, there is a magnificent parterre with plantings in various patterns and colors, with sculptures, basins, fountains and a cascade. Directly adjacent, there are hedgerow gardens. These are transected by the central canal that circles Lustheim and feeds the cascade. To the sides, the garden continues into the parking area, and the plant nursery and the operators’ premises, respectively.

The 77.5 hectare Schleissheim Court Garden, which essentially follows the plans devised by E. Zuccalli and D. Girard, is one of the few baroque gardens in Germany that have remained largely intact in terms of their original design.

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